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Clay masks are amazing. They're effective and so easy to use. Mix a little bit of clay mask with a little bit of water, slap it on, chuck Netflix on and wait for it to dry. Am I right? No.

While it may be tempting to let a clay mask dry completely until it flakes off your face, this could actually be doing more harm than good! 

There are 3 stages to a clay mask:

1. The damp phase - your skin drinks the all the good stuff - minerals, vitamins, essential oils, etc
2. They drying phase - the mask starts to dry and stimulates blood flow as the mask contracts
3. The dry phase - when the mask is completely dry it begins to draw out moisture from the surface of your skin.

This is why its crucial to remove your clay mask when it is about 50-60% dry.

This gives enough time for your skin to absorb all the goodness without leaving it dehydrated and irritated afterwards. This common mistake is often followed by drenching the skin in moisturiser to counteract the dry, tight feeling. Doing this actually just smothers your clean skin and can lead to clogged pores.

How to get the most out of your clay mask:

1. Pick the right clay mask. Not all clays are suitable for all skin types. If you have dry skin try a replenishing clay like Australian Red Reef Clay. If you have sensitive, stressed or mature skin opt for a mask with Australian Pink Clay.
2. Clean your face first. This allows the nourishment of the mask to better absorb in to your skin. For a complete 'in home spa' feel, use a cleansing oil and a warm/hot face washer to steam your skin. This will really relax you and open your pores.
3. Choose your liquid - get creative! The easiest option is water, but you really can use any liquid you like. We love seeing your creative concoctions! So far, breast milk is our fave customer creation. For extra conditioning try yoghurt or milk. For extra hydration and toning properties opt for rose water or a small amount of toner. 
4. Apply evenly over face (and neck if desired). Leave on until 50-60% of mask is dry. HOT TIP: Apply your mask before brushing your teeth or getting in to the shower. This way you can wash it off once your teeth are clean or you've shampooed your hair.
5. If you want to leave the mask on longer for a more relaxed self care session, opt for an oil instead of water. Mix the mask with some olive oil or face oil, even a cleansing oil. The oil will keep the mask damp for longer. HOT TIP: Keep your face toner or face mist with you while you mask. If you feel it drying out spritz your face to dampen the mask again.
6. Removing with a face cloth is the easiest way to remove the mask without creating a mask. Be sure to use a dark cloth as the clays will likely stain a white cloth. Removing the mask in the shower means no sink clean up either! HOT TOP: Before removing the mask, rub fingers in circular motion over the skin to add some gentle exfoliation.


    Now that you know how to use your mask correctly, we want to see it! Join the VEEP PEEPS in sharing your mask selfie on Instagram! We know it can be daunting to share a photo of yourself with a crazy clay mud like substance all over your face but we LOVE seeing our beautiful customers participating in self love. We encourage you to share your pic and #veepmaskselfies! For ideas on what to mix your mask with search the hashtag on Instagram to see other VEEP PEEPS creations.


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