Hello beautiful bride!
I hope your wedding planning and preparations are going well and you're finding some time to chill out and self love.

I've been thinking about you and all that you have to organise and know how easily it is to forget your beauty prep. It's easy to remember to book your hair and makeup trials but what about treating your skin and getting it looking it's best before the big day? Yes, you'll have a professional making you look glamourous but you can make their job a little easier and your makeup look even better if you do a little bit of extra prep in the months leading up to the wedding.


Cleanse - Find yourself a gentle, natural cleanser without any harsh chemicals to clean your skin daily. Make sure to find something suited to your skin type and not just what the latest trend is. It's important to start looking for the right cleanser months before the wedding day. This was you can trial a few different products without the pressure of time running out.

Tone - It's SO important to tone your skin after cleansing! Not only does it close your pores but it replenishes your acid mantle (protective layer your skin natural produces). You can read more about toners and acid mantles in our previous blog post. Find a toner that has witch hazel and other hydrating properties such as rose water or aloe vera extract.

Moisturise - Everybody needs to moisturise. No excuses. No matter what skin type you have you need to hydrate and moisturise the skin. I know what some of you are thinking. 'I have oily skin so I don't want to add more oil or moisture'. I get it. However, you're actually doing yourself a dis-service by skipping the moisturiser or face oil. When you wash your face but don't follow with a toner or moisturiser your skin feels dry and think its needs to produce more sebum (oil) and sweat to keep the skin hydrated. Find a natural, light weight face oil or face cream suited to your skin type. If you have issues with scarring or spots try a face oil with rosehip oil. Redness? Try a face cream with anti-inflammatory properties such as rose water.

SPF - Most of us a good at using sunscreen at the beach but we are terrible at protecting our skin from UV radiation daily. Truth is our skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays every day. Free radicals in UV radiation are one of the main contributing factors to skin damage including wrinkles and skin sagging. Remember to use SPF every day. You can opt for a toxin free sunscreen or find a moisturiser that has SPF in it. Take a look at this one!



Mask - Treat yourself to an at home face mask once a week. Find a mask suited to your skin type and in your budget. Again, don't follow the latest trend. Find a mask with natural super ingredients that will benefit your skin type. This is also a good way to make sure you're getting some self care in during what can be one of the most stressful times of your life.

For dry skin try an exfoliating mask that doubles as a scrub to slough off dry skin. A clay-based mask will minimise pores and help reduce shine on oily complexions. You can take a look at our clay masks here

Exfoliate - Exfoliating your skin once a week not only removes dry skin cells it also helps to prevent clogged pores. Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells and reveals new younger cells underneath. Pores clogged with impurities, and old skin cells can lead to acne and breakouts. Try this Facial Buffer from The Body Shop.



Professional facial - Treat yourself to a professional facial treatment at a spa once a month if your budget can fit it. Or book in one ultra facial 1-2 weeks before the big day and invite your bridesmaids along for a girls' day out.


Alongside these tips, remember to drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses a day), eat a healthy balanced diet (try cutting junk food, or dairy the month before the day), get adequate sleep and exercise. Don't forget the skin on your body too! Especially if your dress is showing a lot of skin around the arms, chest or back. Maybe we'll post a separate body care post...


Most importantly, remember you are beautiful. You are precious. You are loved. I came across a few bridal blogs and beauty sites with some not so great bridal beauty advice - i.e. get botox or try some temporary fake boobs... 
I want you to remember you don't need to drastically change your appearance in order to be beautiful. Don't feel ashamed of the body you were given. Learn to love every inch of you. You will look amazing no matter what. Everyone will say so, you'll see. But MOST of all, you're marrying your best friend. That's what it's really about.


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